Hollywood Standards For Tollywood Movie

By - March 07, 2017 - 11:19 AM IST

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You know for a fact that there are many instances wherein Tollywood has taken inspiration from Hollywood in terms of few scenes, the styling or some other aspect. However, with audience becoming more demanding and less patient, another aspect is being implemented.

There was a time when the run time for a Telugu movie was for two hours and thirty minutes minimum. Lately, it is being trimmed to two hours and fifteen minutes but here is one Telugu movie which is going to have a standard Hollywood run time.

We are talking about the movie Keshava featuring the vibrant hero Nikhil Siddhartha. According to inside reports, the run time is just one hour forty five minutes and given the fact that it is a crime thriller with action elements, the audience will have edge of the seat excitement. Interesting!

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