New Heroine's Hotness In Discussion

By - March 08, 2017 - 12:30 PM IST

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It doesn’t matter which industry you are, the basic truth is, change is the name of the game and as long as new things keep coming in, the enthusiasm and the variety aspect is stimulated. This need is much higher in the entertainment industry especially for pretty faces.

Hence, you tend to see many new faces aspiring to become heroines. Tollywood has been a green pasture for many such beauties and right now, one girl has grabbed a lot of attention. Her name is Chitra Shukla and she is making her debut with the movie Maa Abbayi.

Those who have seen the stills of Chitra and outside say she is a perfect package of striking beauty and irresistible sex appeal. If she chooses the right projects, she has the potential to get into the big league. For now, Chitra is pairing up with Sree Vishnu in this film releasing on March 17th.