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By - March 10, 2017 - 04:35 PM IST

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Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Sri, Ramdoss, Charl
Banner: Potential Studios
Music: Javed Riyaz
Producers: Prabhu, Prakash Babu & Gopinadh
Director: Lokesh

Tagline: Impressive Attempt

Sundeep Kishan storytelling always has respect in the film industry., The young hero always comes up choosing a different kind of cinema. The hero is trying to go away from the commercial cinema space. In the process, he entered Kollywood film industry. His film Nagaram released today which has gained positive reviews even before the film released. Let us check our review of the film.

Sundeep Kishan is a happy-go-lucky guy who does nothing in life. He falls for Regina Cassandra who pretends to be hating Sundeep. Sundeep gets into a tiff with a gang for Regina. At the same time, a guy named Shri comes to the city from his village for a girl. But after entering the city, he gets into a fight with a gang. Charlie is an auto driver who enters the city to get some money for his son's treatment. At the same time, a kidnap takes place in the city. How all these four lives are connected to kidnap reveals the entire film's story.

Sundeep Kishan once again entertains with his performance in the film. The way he maintained his style and look was impressive. There are no hero buildups for Sundeep Kishan which is a positive thing.

Regina Cassandra did not have much scope in the film. Shri is good in his role and acted well. Charlie is also fine as auto driver. The actors in the kidnap gang also performed well.

The story might appear simple to us, but there are four interlinked short stories in the film which reminds us of real life. The way the director has designed an exciting and gripping screenplay for the storyline he has selected. The suspense was maintained well in the movie. The director did not try to do unnecessary experiments but stuck to the thriller genre. Almost all the scenes of the film have come out well. There is no unnecessary scene in the movie and that's the beauty of the screenplay for this film.
Almost all the scenes of the film have been designed in an interesting manner. Every scene of the film was realistic. The first half of the film is gripping but the second half of the movie is very much engaging. The climax of the film is interesting but the way it was ended might give us dual thoughts about it. There are some good heart touching elements in the film which make us entertained. The Tamil nativity is pretty much evident in the film. The raw nature of the film making might not go with the Telugu audiences.
The detailing of the film is good but a lot of time was confused for the same. There is no other known face in the film except Sundeep Kishan and Regina Cassandra. The dubbing could have been a bit better. There is no scope for entertainment in the form of comedy or any other elements. On the whole, the film can be termed as a sincere attempt.
Technical Aspects:

The film is good in terms of technical aspects. The cinematography of the film is good and it is a highlight of the film. The music is also good and the BGM is impressive. The editing is also good.

- Screenplay
- Lead Actors

- Story Narration
- Ending
Final Verdict:

'Nagaram' Impresses!

Avg User Rating: 2.75/5

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