Shankar's Strategy To Overtake 'Baahubali'

By - March 11, 2017 - 06:00 PM IST

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Though none of them have openly stated it, you would have noticed that there has been a sudden surge in period movies and that too with heavy budgets. The underlying message coming from Bollywood and other industries is, to defeat one Telugu movie.

It is the magnum opus Baahubali. The way this movie shook entire Indian cinema is beyond words. Now, one Tamil director is already on the job. He is the showman of the south Shankar. It is known that he is busy with the shaping up of his movie ‘2.0’ featuring Style Samrat Rajnikanth.

Buzz is that Shankar is now taking his project nice and slow as he wants to wait and see how Baahubali-2 fares when it arrives in April. The full business run would give him a clear picture of the numbers and then he would strike with his project. If this is true then we would be in for some major entertaining extravaganza.

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