Pawan Kalyan's Villain Was Named Bhooma Reddy

By - March 13, 2017 - 10:18 AM IST

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You would agree that movies tend to inspire us at few instances in real life but it is also true that many movies tend to find their inspiration from real life incidents and people. It is more of a give and take relation with the ultimate objective of creating an impact to the viewer.

The sudden demise of the noted TDP leader Bhooma Nagireddy has sent shockwaves in Nandyal and his hometown Allagadda. He had quite a few friends in the Tollywood circles as well and they are unable to digest this shock. However, they are now recalling one instance.

Many years ago, one villain in power star Pawan Kalyan’s film was named as Bhooma Reddy. The actor is none other than Ashutosh Rana and the film is Bangaram. In fact, the backdrop of this character is also Kurnool. While there may be no similarities in the character, the references certainly draw a connection.

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