Lesson For Remake Rights Buyers

By - March 13, 2017 - 05:32 PM IST

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In the last decade, you would have noticed that many hit films of other languages tend to get remade or dubbed into Tollywood. While some have clicked to become big hits others sank without a trace. However, there is one fundamental that must be remembered.

This is particularly for the remake rights buyers. If it works in one language, it is not hundred percent sure that it would work in another language. Most of the people buy thinking it is a proven script and hence it would work but it is not true.

 What needs to be remembered is, the subject must have the material to appeal to the local audience because the nativity taste differs from industry to industry. Also, efforts must be made to change the script to suit the local nativity instead of a routine ‘lift and shift’ approach. Make a note folks!

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