Traditional Sweet As Big Hero's Film Title

By - March 16, 2017 - 07:00 PM IST

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Time and again we have spoken about how important a title is for a movie and there is a lot of exercise that goes behind before locking it. The efforts are much more when the movie has a star hero. Given that, the title of one film has been raising eyebrows.
 We are talking about the new project of Akkineni prince Akhil. It has been titled as Junnu as per sources. At the moment, most of us know that Junnu is a traditional sweet which is actually an Andhra style milk pudding or cake. So, it is not sure how the title would be justified.
Buzz is that director Vikram Kumar is confident this is the best title given the storyline and another grapevine is that this is actually the name of the heroine in the film. For now, Junnu is garnering some interesting reactions so let us see how things take shape.

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