Mahesh Babu's TV In India

By - March 16, 2017 - 07:08 PM IST

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When asked about your perception of superstar Mahesh Babu you would say he is a superstar, a leading name in brand endorsement and other charity acts. However, associating Mahesh’s name with a TV does come as a surprise but here is the update.
Mahesh happens to be the brand ambassador for the famous online TV Yupp TV and the official launch is happening very soon. It is like the international brand Net Flix offering a plethora of channels related to different subjects and matters.
According to reports, Mahesh is expected to push Yupp TV throughout this massive nation and their USP happens to be original content. Given his charisma, the south folks will get an instant connect so it has to be seen how his magic would work with the north crowds.

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