Cine Standards To Web Series

By - March 20, 2017 - 03:29 PM IST

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Before the internet revolution invaded our lives, the scenario was very different for many industries and most importantly the entertainment industry. Cut to the present, online platform has become crucial for many aspiring individuals and also the focal point for fame.

The situation is such that even those who are part of the cine industry are now focusing on coming up with something on the internet. What started as short films is slowly evolving into web series pattern and some notable names are coming up with few projects.

The latest in that happens to be Pavan Sadineni of Prema Ishq Kadhal and Savitri fame. Already, mega daughter Konidela Niharika came up with a web series. With more and more film folks involving, the quality and appeal for web series is reaching the cine standards.

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