Raj Kandukuri To Introduce Rajasekhar-Jeevita's Daughter?

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The moment you start seeing the pictures of a star kid during events or any other thing, you can infer that it is time for that kid to make his/her entry. Most of you may not know the name Shivani right now but then she happens to be the daughter of angry man Rajasekhar and Jeevitha.
Reports from Filmnagar circles reveal the star coupe has been trying to introduce their daughter since long. However, one recent photoshoot of Shivani came out and the stills reached Raj Kandukuri. It is heard that Raj Kandukuri was blown away at Shivani’s looks.
Sources reveal Raj is thinking about it seriously.  Recently, his venture Pelli Choopulu became a big hit and now he is busy with Mental Madhilo. Chances are Raj may get Shivani into the loop after the release of Mental Madhilo

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