Salman Khan Pays Rs 44.5Cr

By - March 23, 2017 - 01:10 PM IST

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Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan once again hogged the limelight by standing top on the list of advanced taxpayers in the Hindi film stars arena.

As per the updates, Salman Khan paid Rs 44.5Cr as advance tax for this year and this amount got increased as compared to the last year. He paid Rs 32.2 Cr as advance tax for the last year. Meanwhile, Khiladi Akshay Kumar who paid Rs 29.5 Cr stands second to Salman in the list and Hrithik Roshan stands third in the list by paying around Rs 25.5 Cr

On the whole, Salman Khan stands out as a clear winner in the Bollywood who pays the fat amounts to the government as part of advanced tax payments.