Media's Panic On Baahubali Team

By - March 30, 2017 - 12:56 PM IST

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While making a good movie is one thing the real deal is when you have to take it to the public and that is possible only through proper promotion and publicity. It is here that the media plays a key role and many movies depend on the media fraternity for this job.
Normally, for small and medium budget movies the media circles take money and promote. On the other hand, for big movies they go by themselves and do publicity. However, it appears that the game is entirely different for the magnum opus Baahubali-2.
Apparently, though the media folks are going to take some slice they are unable to get the makers. Anything related to the film in TV, the TRP is huge so the media folks are in a bit of panic and it looks as if they should give money for the makers and take their promo material.

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