Vamsy's New Film Pre Look Talk

By - April 01, 2017 - 10:34 AM IST

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Among the many filmmakers that Tollywood has seen, there is a rare breed of directors who attained a cult status through their movies. One among them is senior director Vamsy who gave us films like April 1st Vidudhala, Anveshana, Ladies Tailor and others.

Now, he is arriving with his new movie Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor more like a sequel to the cult hit ‘Ladies Tailor’. The pre look of the film has been unveiled and those who saw it are impressed. The poster has appealed to the youth and masses alike.

Yet again, Vamsy has shown his signature style in the arrangement of random objects at different places. The way the hero is using a measuring tape against a girl’s assets conveys there could be something bold in the movie. Well, the first look will give some clarity.

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