Raj Tarun's 'Guest' Mode

By - April 07, 2017 - 10:56 AM IST

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After becoming a successful hero with a fairly strong market stamina, you tend to get choosy about the roles you are doing. In that, doing cameos or guest appearances would become a strict no. However, one young hero doesn’t seem to be bogged down by such thoughts.

He is none other than Raj Tarun. Today, he is one of the sought after heroes and yet he has obliged to do guest roles. Sometime ago, he did it in the hit movie Majnu featuring Natural Star Nani. And now he is repeating the act with yet another interesting cameo.

Buzz is that Raj would be doing it in the bilingual movie Balloon featuring the alleged lovers, Tamil star Jai and the seductive eyed beauty Anjali. It would be interesting to see how the Tamil audience is going to receive Raj Tarun. More than that, his openness to doing such roles is commendable.

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