Powerful Impact With 'Voter'

By - April 08, 2017 - 09:05 PM IST

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We live in a democratic system and the power of votes is always ascertained during the elections time. In fact, voters are treated like Gods during election time. On the other hand, we as citizens have many rights that we are not aware of. One attempt is now being made to educate us all.

We are talking about the movie Voter featuring dynamic star Manchu Vishnu. It is heard that this film is going to have some really interesting points related to the rights of the real life voter. The makers are sure it is going to create a powerful impact in the audience.

Karthik Reddy is the director of this movie and it is heard that Vishnu is preparing himself for this role in a very special way. At a time when commercial potboilers rule the roost, a concept based movie with something useful to the society is certainly a welcome change.

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