Top Heroes And Heroines On Monthly Salaries

By - April 10, 2017 - 04:28 PM IST

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This might sound unusual but among the many unspoken things that happen in Tollywood, here is one scoop. A big movie is being made by a creative director and it is a multi-starrer with 2 heroes and 2 heroines. One hero has done this free because of his respect towards the director.

He comes from a very big film family so he didn’t bother much about the money. The second hero is doing on a monthly salary basis and he also has an influential uncle in the industry. The same is the case with both the heroines of the film.

It is heard that the salary system is applicable till the dubbing process is completed. As such, that director is known for making movies for longer period. If it is someone like RGV or Puri they won’t accept this type of proposal or they would hike their salaries. However, with this creative director they are travelling without any qualms. Unit members reveal they are drawing salaries equivalent to an IT professional.

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