'The Ghazi Attack' Inspired From 'Das Boot'

By - April 11, 2017 - 07:38 PM IST

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You know well that the movie Ghazi came with a fair share of expectations and surpassed them after release. This was India’s first Submarine movie and director Sankalp Reddy made the best product with whatever resources he had.

While the film has come and gone, here is an interesting observation which has come out now. Some are saying Ghazi has been inspired from the German film Das Boot which lated came in English as The Boat. This came in 1981 and was directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

The backdrop happens to be the Atlantic War and revolves around a U-Boat of the German Reich. Those who saw the old classic are now finding similarities in Ghazi as well. However, even if it is an inspiration, the film had its own merits so kudos to Sankalp for his work.

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