Kona Venkat Gave Clarity To Journalist On 'Mister'

By - April 17, 2017 - 12:32 PM IST

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Friction in work environment is a common phenomenon which you would experience as well. So, the film industry is no exception. Sometime ago, star writer Kona Venkat and director Sreenu Vaitla parted ways and many said there was a nasty fight between both.

It is here that media comes in to add more oil to the fire. Recently, in one coffee shop one journalist met Kona unexpectedly. He said “Some are commenting Kona is the happiest person because Vaitla’s Mister flopped, what do you have to say to this.”

For this, Kona reportedly said “Not at all, there is no question of feeling happy. 90 percent of movies flop in industry, including my own. I can never be happy for others failure. I always wish success for everyone because that is what the industry needs. It is a bad thing to wish like that. It is all people’s imagination. Everybody is busy in their own world, it is like a race and everyone wants to do better than the others. I know all are talking about me and Vaitla but truth is, we are in good terms with each other.”

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