Prakash Raj Becomes Hero

By - April 18, 2017 - 05:59 PM IST

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You might wonder what is so special about the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj becoming a hero because you have already watched him in that role. Well, the catch is, the heroism we are speaking of is not in his reel life but in his real life.

It is known that Prakash has gone big time into agriculture and he has been doing organic farming in his farmlands. Speaking about it, Prakash has reportedly mentioned that he now wants to win a National level award in the field of agriculture as a farmer.

Adding to it, Prakash reportedly mentioned that becoming a farmer is giving him a very special kick and his life took a meaningful turn after he got in contact with nature. As it is, Prakash has become a hero for the people of Kondareddi Palli as he has adopted this village and shaping it into a model village.

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