Pawan Kalyan Can Really Save Him

By - April 20, 2017 - 06:20 PM IST

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When you get the blessings of a powerful person you can be rest assured that you have a new lease of life and a golden opportunity to bounce back on track. This is much needed in the film industry and especially for those who are going through a lean phase.

Srinu Vaitla was once known as the jackpot hit director for his trendsetting entertainers but cut to the present he is reeling under heavy flops. Despite that, he had recently revealed in an interview that his dream project is with power star Pawan Kalyan. Now, here comes the actual part.

If Pawan wishes he can certainly save Vaitla because expectations will be there. From his end, even Vaitla will be ultra careful while making the movie and not giving in to his whims and fancies. At this point in time, only Pawan’s range can lift Vaitla. Let us see whether this will happen or not.

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