Singer Malavika Vents Out Anger

By - April 20, 2017 - 11:34 AM IST

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When you see a particular celebrity either onscreen or onstage or in the social media, there is a certain impression you start forming. And then you would be in for a surprise when a soft spoken celeb breathes fire on a particular issue.

From a long time, singer Malavika has provided some of the best numbers through her magical voice and she comes across as a soft spoken person. At the same time, she is also a sensitive person and this got ruptured with the ongoing controversy on singer Sonu Nigam.

She vent out her anger on Facebook like this – ‘Should singers not have a mind of their own or opinions or freedom to express anything other than music? Why is everyone saying Sonu Nigam should stop this and better stick to his art. He is entitled to his opinions. Religion should not be forced thru loudspeakers is all he is saying. There could be students preparing for exams, people who work late or elderly people who are ill.’

This singer sure has a point. Make a note folks!