Book And Documentary On Baahubali Making

By - April 22, 2017 - 12:41 PM IST

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Among the many films that hit the marquee, only one or two films create a legacy that can never be forgotten. It is not just in terms of the experience the audience gets but also in terms of learning for the members of the film fraternity and its future.
The magnum opus Baahubali has attained such a stature and already the film is being converted into comic books, web series and books on characters. But now, some are suggesting a book needs to come on the making of the film along with a documentary.
Incidentally, the team behind the film has toiled in many ways and the preparations they underwent to ensure everything happens smoothly are remarkable. Many intellectuals feel it will be a treasure forever for a common man to a cine buff. Let us hope this happens. 

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