Is Anushka Right Choice?

By - April 23, 2017 - 12:18 PM IST

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While finalizing a film project, it is important to get the right cast and the skill of the filmmaker is tested here. It is important to have the star power but it is also important to see whether that artist fits the bill or not. Here is the reason for this discussion.
Reports are arriving that the awesome beauty Anushka has been roped in to reprise the role of yesteryears starlet Jamuna. This is for the movie Mahanati based on the life of the legendary actress Savitri. This report is being met with fixed reactions.
As such, Anushka has become quite stout and Jamuna was slim during her heydays, she still is. Given that, it is not sure how Anushka can justify the physical aspect. However, the makers are confident that Anushka would do the right job and no one can replace her. Let us see what happens.

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