Baahubali: Rajamouli's Hidden Dasavatar Formula

By - April 24, 2017 - 12:30 PM IST

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Baahubali stands tall as an epic on Indian screen and there is no dispute in that. No other film is being discussed in such an astonishment and attention to detail in recent years. 
My 8 year old daughter Mayukha, watching Baahubali-The Beginning on Television last night, observed something that triggered a thought process in me. 
She said, "Baahubali landing his foot on Kattappa's head is like Vamana avatar". I smiled in delight for her observation. 
After sometime, she also pointed that Baahubali holding Kalakeya's head with a lion faced glove is resembling Narasimha Avatar. 
This time, I didn't smile but frowned in pensive mood. I rushed to youtube and tried to decode remaining avatars incorporated in Baahubali. 
It's indeed a delight finding one by one, and shared all of them first with my daughter who pushed me into this sweet and pleasant research. 
Matsya Avatar:
In Baahubali-The Beginning Avantika gets a tattoo done by Baahubali who swims underwater to do it. This reminds of Matsya avatar.

Kurma Avatar:
There is a scene where the slaves of Mahishmati kingdom are seen pulling up the rope to erect the giant statue of Bhallaladeva. This reminds us of the scene where the Devas and Asuras toil hard to churn the sea of milk with Mandara mountain. At that time, to give support Lord Vishnu comes as Kurma to accomplish the task. Just like that Baahubali comes and gives support to the slaves of Mahishmati by offering his muscle power to lift the statue.