Rajinikanth's Comedy Of The Year 2017

By - April 26, 2017 - 01:44 PM IST

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Among the many things that you do as the fan of a star hero, most of them are considered as affection but few gestures end up becoming as comedies. Style Samrat Rajinikanth has got millions of fans across the globe and the love for him is perennial.
Given that, his fans go out of the way to show their love but sometimes it ends up as a comedy. It is known that Rajini’s last movie Kabali fizzled out at the box office. However, the same film has been running for more than 275 days at a multiplex.
This is the Mani Impala multiplex in Madurai and a lot of hungama is being done by the fans on social media as well. Those who are seeing all this are unable to control their smiles and say they know very well how the movie is running. Like they say, where there is love, logic doesn’t work.

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