Star Kid Catches Attention With Single Tweet

By - April 27, 2017 - 05:27 PM IST

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Just because you come from a star family it doesn’t mean that you would be constantly under limelight and attention would be given to you. There are many among the star families who cannot be recognized even if they sit right next to you.
From their end, those star kids who are part of the entertainment circuit need to do their exercise to be in spotlight. Now, one star kid grabbed attention with just a single tweet. He is none other than Sudheer Babu. Since he comes from Ghattamaneni family, he is called as star kid.
Recently, Sudheer came up with a tweet which goes like this-
‘I hope it's clear enough now. For those who were disrespectful to a legendary person, learn to respect a great man and their value...sad.’
Those who saw this are wondering who is Sudheer referring to and what’s his grievance. Anyhow, the bright side is, he is now in discussion due to this tweet.

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