Premiere Show Tickets Sold At Rs 3000?

By - April 28, 2017 - 06:44 PM IST

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The storm of Baahubali has begun engulfing cine buffs across the nation and many parts of the world. While the intensity seems to be picking up, it all began last night with the special premiere shows arranged across many cities throughout the nation.

And here comes the best part. Normally, any premiere show would charge a premium of Rs 500 per ticket and in few cases it has gone to Rs 1000. However, Baahubali has wiped that and created a new record. The premiere show tickets were sold at a whopping Rs 3000.

Few organizers of the premiere show were having a tough time trying to meet the demand so they put few tickets for highest bidding. Well, the best one paid Rs 3000 and got the ticket. On an average day, this amount would mean a lot but it means nothing in front of Baahubali.


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