Baahubali 2 User Review

By - April 28, 2017 - 12:46 PM IST

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India's magnum opus Baahubali-The Conclusion with the hashtag #WKKB (Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali) has arrived. First day audience glued on to the seats with loads and tonnes of expectations. Apart from that they had many questions 1. Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali? Who is the wife of Bhallaladeva? When was Bhadradeva (Adivi Sesh) was born? Is Sudeep going to appear again in support of Kattappa? 
Has Rajamouli got succeeded in pampering the expectations? Can the audience find answers for all such questions? Let us see! 
As shown in Baahubali - The Beginning, Amarendra Baahubali becomes eligible to enthrone Mahishmati Kingdom as Sivagami declares him as the King. Both Bhallalladeva and his father Bijjaladeva, out of disappointment, insult and desperation keep trying to find an opportunity to grab the kingdom. 
Meanwhile, Sivagami asks Amarendra to go into the surrounding hamlets in disguise and know the problems of people. Kattappa also accompanies him. Amarendra and Kattappa keep roaming where the former falls in love with Devasena, the princess of Kuntala kingdom and decides to marry her. Bhalla knows about this from a spy. He also sees a picture of Devasena and gets carried away by her beauty. He desires her and conspires to win her. What is the conspiracy? How things turn fatal for the peace of Mahishmathi kingdom? And finally why Kattappa kills Baahubali? All this becomes the rest of the story. 
While Baahubali-The Beginning has given larger room for Rana to perform, here in The Conclusion the major chunk goes to Prabhas. He excelled as Amarendra Bahubali and there is no moment event to blink.

Sathyaraj as Kattappa has got some part to perform in lighter vein which has gone a bit overdosed but goes well with the flow of the story.

Anushka as Devasena has carried all the grace and royal majesty. Her recent increase in weight didn't disturb the mood of the audience, as everything seemed to have covered better either due to makeup or graphics.

Nasser steals the show as main villain through out the film with a mixture characterization of Sakuni and Dhritarashtra of Mahabharata. 
Technical Aspects:

It's completely Rajamouli's show. Graphics are so convincing but in some parts they have gone overboard. Especially the climax battle episode is packed with unconvincing sequences where the audience for a moment feel turbulent as they are potentially disturbing the mood. Music and background score score highest points. But much to the astonishment, you cannot get the answers for the following questions. 

1. Where is Aslam Khan (Sudeep)?
2. To whom Bhadradeva (Adavi Sesh) was born?

Plus Points:
+ Prabhas as Amarendra Baahubali
+ Nasser's performance
+ Anushka's grace
+ First half
+ Pre interval sequence 
+ Hamsanava song
+ Archery fight by Anushka and Prabhas 
+ Music
+ CG Work
+ Screenplay

Minus Points:
- Unconvincing sequences in climax battle 
Final Verdict:

Don't miss it to experience the goosebumps. It's indisputably the biggest ever made film on Indian screen. 
Rating: 4/5

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