Vijayendra Prasad's Film With Pawan Kalyan Confirmed

By - May 01, 2017 - 10:51 AM IST

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While the discussions about Baahubali 2 are constantly on, there is also another talk brewing up which has caught the attention of the Tollywood folks as well as the audience. Well, it has to do about a project which could be made with a rather crazy combination.

Grapevine has begun making rounds that senior star writer Vijayendra Prasad might well be joining hands with power star Pawan Kalyan for a new project. Lately, in one way or the other he is taking the reference of Pawan Kalyan which is emitting few vibes.

Few cine intellectuals are predicting that this is the foundation for a project. So, maybe his movie is going to be confirmed. Whether Vijayendra Prasad would direct it or not, he would atleast pen the story for the power star is the expectation. Let us see what happens.

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