Suma Disturbed For The 1st Time

By - May 05, 2017 - 03:38 PM IST

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It only takes a second for you to give out the name if you are asked who is the queen of the small screen circuit in Telugu states. She is none other than Suma Kanakala and though it has been many years she is seen, there is always a freshness and spontaneity in her.

At the same time, Suma is quite bubbly and good at passing witty remarks. Despite all this, she has ensured to stay in line. However, for the first time Suma came up with a blooper which was embarrassing. The person on the receiving end was actress Mishti Chakraborty.

She is one among the heroines in the movie Babu Baga Busy and came for a TV show hosted by Suma. In that, Suma mocked Mishti’s name by pronouncing it 'Mushti' which means begging in Telugu. Normally, it is Ali who resorts to such practical jokes but Suma doing it pricked a few of the home audience. It is also heard that later she went and apologized to Mishti and got that scene removed.

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