2nd Weekend Tsunami At Box Office

By - May 06, 2017 - 12:03 PM IST

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The only two directions your heads must be turning these days would be towards the magnum opus Baahubali-The Conclusion and then its box office figures. It is still hard to comprehend where or when the mania for this film will end because of the flow.

Audience has fixed their mind to watch this movie a minimum of four to five times and hence there is a tsunami at the box office. It is natural for such a phenomenon to happen during the first week but now it appears that this will continue for the second week as well.

Weak talk has emerged for the latest release Babu Baga Busy which had a sizeable release and as a result, all are again flocking to theatres to watch Baahubali-2. The trade pundits, the buyers and exhibitors are enjoying the best phase of their life looking at this.

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