Most Expensive Item Lady In South

By - May 07, 2017 - 11:01 AM IST

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Sometime ago you would have considered that an item specialist would be just an optional bombshell with nothing significant but today it has become a much needed vertical in a film. Almost every movie has an item song with a sexy siren in it.

Given that, many top heroines also began shaking their booty for some fat pay cheques. In them, one lady is called the item queen. She is none other than the voluptuous seductress Laxmi Raai. She has been shaking a leg with some of the top stars in Tollywood.

Sources reveal given her demand and following, she charges a premium and has emerged as the most expensive item lady in south. Now, Laxmi is preparing to spread her hotness to Bollywood when she would arrive with the movie Julie 2. Get set for this one folks!