'Fashion Designer' Teaser Response

By - May 11, 2017 - 11:15 AM IST

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With social media marketing becoming key for every film, a lot is being done to ensure the right kind of teaser and trailer is cut by the makers. Despite that, not many are able to catch the attention of the audience. Well, it requires the right content and entertainment for that.

One film which seems to have achieved its target is Fashion Designer s/o Ladies Tailor. The teaser was unveiled and it is getting an overwhelming response. Many are saying the cult director Vamsy is back in form with his signature style frames and the entertainment quotient looks strong.

On the other hand, the right blend of glamour and humour is reflecting this film will bring back an air of nostalgia and entertainment. Sumanth Ashwin is getting good marks for fitting the role perfectly and the choice of the leading ladies is also being appreciated as they have the right kind of homely sex appeal. Overall, the teaser has scored sizeable success.