The Best Shot For Sunil!

By - May 13, 2017 - 10:25 AM IST

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All of you would experience a lean patch in your career and in the film industry, this lean patch is not at all good. There are many instances wherein heroes and heroines were never able to come out of it and fizzled out without a trace after a while.

Comedian turned hero Sunil created a new sensation when he left the vertical of comedy to become a mainstream protagonist. To add to his fortunes, his initial set of movies worked well. With this, the momentum picked up and Sunil decided to get into the big league.

However, almost half a dozen of his last movies have tanked at the box office. Now, he is coming up with the movie Ungarala Rambabu and many feel this is his best shot. The reason being, the film is scheduled to release on May 26th and since it is summer time, the audience vibe would be positive. Let us wish the film works and Sunil bounces back.