Murali Mohan's Miscalculation About Chiranjeevi

By - May 13, 2017 - 03:50 PM IST

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One of the main reason why Tollywood has been in one piece and runs in a good order is due to the presence of certain intellectuals who are blessed with wisdom and acute business sense. One among them happens to be the senior actor Murali Mohan.

Though he maintains a low profile he is known to have a strong influence in the cinema industry and even politics. Also, those who are close to him often hail his judgement abilities. However, it appears that Murali Mohan’s judgement on megastar Chiranjeevi was incorrect.

Speaking about it, Murali Mohan reportedly said that many years ago when Chiru was in his growing stages, Murali Mohan had predicted that he would become a very big villain. Instead, Chiru became a big hero and he also changed the face of Tollywood with his dance and fights. That’s the story folks!

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