Nothing Less Than Baahubali Graphics

By - May 16, 2017 - 06:06 PM IST

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It is true that the magnum opus Baahubali-The Conclusion worked strongly due to its drama and emotional peaks but it is also true that it was a visual delight. Full credit for that goes to the graphics and VFX team which came up with such believable visuals.

The name behind the graphic extravaganza of Baahubali is Makuta graphics and now every other big budget flick is firm on having the graphics of Baahubali level only. As a result, everyone wants Makuta Graphics only and the team is being flooded with many offers.

Currently, it is heard that superstar Mahesh Babu and his team of Spyder has inked a deal with Makuta. Buzz is that the professionals of this company take their time in shaping up the effects but they deliver a stunning output. Let us wish many more entities like Makuta come and make things easy for Tollywood.

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