Most Controversial TV Show Of The Decade

By - May 18, 2017 - 12:23 PM IST

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Though it is unfortunate the human psyche these days has become such that anything negative attracts them easily. This weakness is being encashed by many electronic media and entertainment folks. Today, the small screen industry is ruling the roost.

In that, shows which have controversy quotient tend to garner the highest TRP. However, even a comedy show has been categorized as a controversial show and today it has become the most controversial TV show of the decade.

We are talking about the comedy show ‘Jabardasth’ which is aired in the ETV channel. Resentment is growing for this program citing there is adult content in the jokes and sometimes it crosses the line. Already, a case has been filed against this program by a censor board member. This is adding additional mileage to the program.