Popular Anchor's Debut Movie Trailer

By - May 23, 2017 - 05:12 PM IST

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There are many among you who aspire to become something and when the time comes you become something else. Such examples are plenty in the film industry where aspiring actors become directors, song writers and what not.

One such person is Ravi and his aim was to become a hero in the tinsel town and today he has become a sought after anchor in the small screen circuit. However, he has not given up on his goal and now he is arriving with his debut flick as a hero.

Titled as Idhi Maa Prema Katha, this also marks the debut of Ayodhya Karthik as the director. The trailer of the film got unveiled and it is clear that this is a simple love story but with some elements of twists and tragedy. Here’s wishing the best of success to Ravi for his new journey.