Sympathy On Chalapathi Rao

By - May 26, 2017 - 04:31 PM IST

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When an overdose of criticism and backlash happens, even a convict will start getting a sympathy wave. The same seems to be happening with the case of the senior actor Chalapathi Rao, thanks to the overdose of outrage and criticism from the women organizations.

His one line statement during the audio function of Raarandoi Veduka Chuddam triggered a severe flak and the Mahila Sangham whitewashed him for two days nonstop. The third day he said sorry and tried to justify his statement in whatever way he can.

So, one more day extra he got whitewashed as the ladies alleged he was not regretting. Due to this overdose of criticism and the explosion on social media, some are now asking even a top heroine like Priyanka Chopra also said men are useful for sex then why isn’t she wrong. Point is, when you try to overdo more than required, things go in a reverse manner.

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