Influence Of 'Guns And Thighs' On Society: Sira Sri

By - May 27, 2017 - 07:33 PM IST

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I know someone who attempted to reach RGV and work with him till a month ago, but ended up in vain. He exclaimed, "RGV is finished 10 years ago, he is obsolete". Then why he revolved around him till last month? No answer from him! Well, Aesop's fable 'Fox and Sour Grapes' stand as an answer here. 
"Sarkar3 flopped. What's up now?". This is another question. Whoever asks this definitely expects either a grief filled or a dull and dejected response. It is hard to believe for many outsiders that there is no place for such feelings in RGV's Company. I don't take the word like "sthitaprajna" as said in Gita to explain the reason. I can give a practical reason. No flop disturbed the career of RGV till now, the walking-in producers never stopped, no change of decisions in his next lined up films and no employee in Company was on bench. These dynamics cannot be understood by Economics and ordinary brains. So practically speaking, 'flop' is just a word in RGV's Company and it carries no color, odor or taste. It affects none. RGV enjoys the process of film making than the result. This phenomenon camouflages everyone working with RGV for longer time. 
"RGV narrates the same old stories again and again". This is another criticism. It has a generalized answer. Sensibilities are based on the DNA of individuals. Creativity is based on sensibilities. Any individual cannot tell thousands of stories in million different ways. 
"He has been recycling and shuffling the stuff from Telugu to Hindi and vice versa. What's so great about him?" This is another liner from a forgotten but once upon a time successful director. My answer to him was, "When your stories cannot change, you should be able to change your audience. RGV has that capability. If he is done with Telugu, he will do the same in Hindi. If he is done there, he will do the same in English, Spanish, Russian or even Bhojpuri and receives claps from respective audience".  This three year old incident has come to my mind today. 
RGV released the trailer of his first web series "Guns And Thighs". It's being produced by a German. It's getting dubbed into English, Spanish, German and French. 
Many were in shock and some were in surprise watching this trailer. "Why should he stoop down to such a level?" is the opinion of a chunk of people. In fact, this opinion is an outcome of their DNA and sensibility. 90% of them will be in the age group of 35-45. RGV may lose the following of them. But he may gain new generation fans in the age group 18-25. I feel, RGV has been focusing on the same since the beginning of his career. Doting brains those watch films basing on talk are not his audience. He pulls the attention of 1st day audience. They are anytime in the age group of 18-25. 
Surprisingly a young director watching the trailer of Guns And Thighs said, "Common audience sound whistles looking at the hero on screen as he does something which they cannot do. Likewise, we are in the mood of sounding whistles for RGV as he did something bold which we cannot think to do so". This is another contrast opinion indeed!
"Why should he show so much of nudity in visuals and vulgarity in dialogue. Don't know where the style of film making goes now". This is another comment. As a matter of fact, nudity is not new to Indian screen. Raj Kapoor in 70s, Meera Nair in 90s and many others in many other decades have shown enough of nudity. But the impact of RGV on the Indian youth is bigger than that of the above names. So, we cannot simply rule out this opinion. 
Revolution is inevitable in Arts. Web Series is something not in the purview of Indian Film Censor Board. So, the boundaries can be erased is the idea of RGV. How governments react to this? How system responds? How the youth get influenced? We have to wait for the answers. 
As per the film making, we are all living within the boundary of a fence. We are slowly expanding the fence an inch per year. But RGV all of a sudden has now kicked the fence 10 feet away. If moved slowly it is evolution, if kicked all of a sudden it is revolution. This is a revolution. Hence this discussion. 
Well, see what the producer of "Guns And Thighs" said about RGV: 
"If someone in India can take the next step in the evolution of Indian storytelling, then it is RGV" - Boris-Alexander Grönemeye (source: gunsandthighs.com)"
-Sira Sri 

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