Who Are VIPs For Rajamouli's Family?

By - May 29, 2017 - 09:19 PM IST

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You would have noticed a lot is being spoken about the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli after his magnum opus Baahubali. But lately, even the close circuit keeps speaking a lot about the greatness of Rajamouli and his family members. For a long time, none of this came out. The reason being, people don’t show interest in listening to a family’s positives but now Rajamouli has touched the ultimate pinnacle of success hence an interest and focus has begun growing on him, his family members and their lifestyle.

Now anything and everything about him and his surroundings is getting registered in their mind. So, here are few interesting tidbits. It is heard that in Rajamouli’s house, there is no distinguishing between the service staff and owners, they all live together like a family just like the Bollywood movie ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’. Entire staff gets 1 day holiday per week and Rajamouli with his family do the daily chores that day.

During the release of Baahubali 2 a lot of demand was there for the tickets. Obviously, Rajamouli would have been subjected to pressure for tickets but he ensured that he gave the first set of tickets to his servants, their families, the drivers and their families. It is heard that even his trash collector and his family got the tickets and that too in premium rows.

It only goes to show that in Rajamouli’s view, they are the VIPs. As you keep delving upon their family, many more great qualities of them will come out. These days, spreading positive has become a very rare quality as many show interest in spreading negative but when you look at their family, you feel compelled to share their goodness around. This is truly one role model family to look up to. 

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