iQlikMovies #TuesdayTune: DJ's Gudilo Badilo Madilo Vodilo

By - May 30, 2017 - 02:07 PM IST

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Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad who is known for mixing the right amounts of classical & western music into a enjoyable tune. He once again delivered a beautiful rendition called Gudilo Badilo Madilo Vodilo for Allu Arjun’s Duvvada Jagannadham.

This song’s first one and half minute got released yesterday and within minutes this song became viral on the internet. The lyrics for this intriguing song were penned by ace lyricist Sahithi Garu and talented singers- Chitra & MLR Karthikeyan gave soul to the song. Coming to the lyrics, Sahithi Garu took utmost care in penning the lyrics by giving the pure Telugu words used in a way to reach out the layman in a most romantic manner.

Actually, the full song is yet to be out and now only a half portion got released. However, the lyrics are doing the magic now. You also please have a glance on the most striking lyrics in the recent times.

Asmaika Yoga Thasmaika Bhoga Rasmaika Raaga Hindolam

AngangaTej Srungaara Bhaava Sukumaara Sundaram...

Aachandrataara Sandhyasameera Neehaarahaara Bhoopalam

Aanandateera Brundaavihaara Mandaara Saagaram...

Badilo Vodilo Badilo Gudilo Nee Thalape Shahsivadhana

Gadhilo Madhilo Yedhalo Sodhalo Neeve Kada Ghajakamana

Aashaga Neeku Poojale Cheyaa Aalakinchindi Aaanamakam

Pravarola Pranaya Mantrame Chusi Pulikarinchindi Aa Chamakam

Agrahaarala Thamalapaakalle Taakutundi Thamakam...    

With the kind of sounding, striking lyrics, soulful voices made this song an instant hit on first hearing itself. Definitely, this song boosted the expectations buzz on #DuvvadaJagannadham and hope the album also have got all super songs.

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