Words Of Wisdom For Hot Heroine!

By - May 31, 2017 - 11:26 AM IST

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When success and demand starts visiting you, it is natural for you to think of something bigger and higher. However, you must also have the wisdom to understand what is on the other side of the fence and then take a decision because it could change your life forever.

In the film industry, there are quite a few top league heroines in the south who felt that they deserved something better and went to Bollywood. Unfortunately, they had to bite the dust and could not even return back to the south.

Taking that as the cue, few cine intellectuals are suggesting the cutie beauty Pooja Hegde should hold the reins of her horses. Apparently, she has become a hot property in south but Pooja is reportedly keen to quit south and focus on Bollywood only. The intellectuals hope wisdom prevails upon her.

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