Hot Actress In Award Winning Mood

By - June 01, 2017 - 02:43 PM IST

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The moment you start thinking about experimenting with your image after enjoying stardom, it only means that you want to prove yourself as a true performer. That happens when you win a prestigious award for your performance. One hot actress seems to be in that route.

She is none other than the petite beauty Trisha. It is known that Trisha has been ruling the roost since a decade and half and now it is heard that she has signed up projects wherein she has done some really contrasting and offbeat roles.

While she is also looking forward to see how the audience is going to receive her new set of roles, the cine intellectuals feel all this is happening for the sole purpose of winning an award. Well, given Trisha’s contribution to cinema, it is no harm to give her a good award.

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