Heroine's Boring Statement On Hero

By - June 02, 2017 - 06:32 PM IST

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Whenever you come across any interview of a heroine, most of them would have a standard statement on how they are fortunate to have worked with a particular hero and are keen to do more and more films with him. However, here is one reverse case.

There is one heroine who has openly stated that she doesn’t want to work with a hero because she is getting bored of him. Well, she has a valid reason in saying so. We are talking about the sultry siren Hebah Patel and the hero in discussion is Raj Tharun.

Sharing her thoughts with the media, Hebah reportedly mentioned she has done three movies with Raj and now she wants to a take a break from acting with him. She reportedly quipped how rumours are floating about them having an affair and added if she does another film, they will confirm both got married as well.

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