Ugly Fight On Last Decade's Blockbuster

By - June 02, 2017 - 01:56 PM IST

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Lately you would have noticed a trend among few imbeciles that the moment a film becomes a success or is approaching success, they have this mongering of taking some credit out of it. Even the magnum opus Baahubali had to deal with such trivial stuff before release.

Now, one blockbuster which came last decade has become the center of a controversy. We are talking about Magadheera and recently the team had approached the Hyderabad court demanding a stay on the Bollywood flick Rabta as they felt the story was copied.

Before that can be resolved, another controversy has come up. A noted novelist S P Chary has reportedly claimed Magadheera is completely copied from his novel ‘Chanderi’. Of course, it is a different thing that his complaints and pleas fell in deaf ears. For now, the fight is still on.

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