Heroine's Funny Tweet Ignited Political Fire?

By - June 03, 2017 - 03:14 PM IST

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Your presence in social media is much required once you become a celebrity but then you should also be careful about your words and statements on it because it can get interpreted into anything. The strikingly gorgeous Nivedha Thomas may not have thought about it though.

Recently she came up with a tweet looking at the picture of natural Star Nani along with his son Arjun. She replied in the tweet as ‘Pappu’! Incidentally a Chief Minister’s son is often trolled as Pappu. As a result, some got alerted and felt uneasy as to why she brought it up.

But before things could go out of proportion even Nani seems to have not understood it and asked Nivedha what she meant by it. Nani asking and she clarifying settled the matter and all of them breathed a sigh of relief that it didn’t spark any political fire.

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