What Is This Hero Dhanush?

By - June 06, 2017 - 04:54 PM IST

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You will always be respected and regarded if you show genuine talent and maintain that throughout your career. However, the moment you start thinking that anything you do will be accepted by those around you, the downfall begins.

This fundamental is very important in the film industry because a lot rests on goodwill and reputation. Given that, one act of the Tamil star Dhanush is raising eyebrows. It is known that he is currently directing a bilingual which is the sequel to his hit movie Raghuvaran B.Tech.

While that is good, it is noticed that Dhanush is giving the story credits in Telugu to himself. This has got many asking when did Dhanush learn Telugu and is he so fluent that he can write dialogues in Telugu. Unless the hero cum director comes out and responds, truth will not be known.

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