Discussion On Fake Youtube Views

By - June 08, 2017 - 06:15 PM IST

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The moment you start making a movie, you will also start working on ways and means to put it on the social media, especially the Youtube. Today, the number of views for your film’s teaser or trailer determines the attraction quotient when it releases.

However, a discussion is now making rounds that almost every other movie is crossing one million views just like that and there is a manipulation involved. Well, here is the truth. All those hits that are being seen are genuine hits
This is the result of the efforts in making that Youtube link reach maximum people. As such, you pay some money to professionals for SEO and it comes on top and many click to watch it, so views are organic and they are promoting for reach. Also, Facebook admins of various groups take money and put the videos in the groups hence lakhs of views come. That way, only extra efforts are being put to get the reach so it is not fake.

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