Interesting Catchy Title From Pawan's Director

By - June 09, 2017 - 11:45 AM IST

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Once you work with a very big superstar you tend to get a stamp of being that hero’s director but one filmmaker got a tag like that even without doing a film. He is none other than Sampath Nandi who is called as Pawan’s director.

Apparently, Sampath Nandi spent more than a year with power star Pawan Kalyan for the movie Sardaar Gabbar Singh before things fell apart and Bobby took over. Yet, Sampath is called Pawan’s director. Now, he has come up with a very catchy title.

Sampath is part of a movie that is titled as Paper Boy. He has provided the screenplay and dialogues to the movie and is also one of the producers. The movie had its official launch and many were appealed by the title. This has created the right kind of buzz for starters.

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